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Applelec LED Light Sheet brings light to the unique, backlit bar within the immersive HERE events venue, as part of the entertainment district, Outernet London.

An extraordinary entertainment district situated on the iconic Denmark Street in central London, Outernet delivers unique, multi-sensory experiences.

Tying in with the rich music history of the district’s Tin Pan Alley location, a new 2,000 capacity entertainment and events venue sits beneath Outernet’s impressive, five-storey high Now Building. An atmospheric, subterranean space hidden four storeys underneath London, HERE will play host to some of the biggest names in live music and DJ talent.

Delivering a prominent centre piece within the space is the commanding 15m long, illuminated bar. Designed by Archer Humphryes Architects in collaboration with The Kagency, the bar features back-illumination from Applelec LED Light Sheet. Specified in RGB LED option, a total of 79 light panels of various sizes were created and fitted into the front, top section and backwall area of the HERE bar, flooding the space in vivid, colour rich illumination.

Further knitting together the pioneering technology at Outernet, the Applelec LED Light Sheet panels can be tailored to display a pop of vibrant colour that changes to the beat of the music of HERE’s various artist sets.

Architects Archer Humphryes and Managing Partners of the venue, Karrie and Robert, said of the installation -

“Karrie Goldberg & Robert Butters, of Greenlight Development, worked closely with Archer Humphryes Architects on conceptualising a space where the architecture and the entertainment experience are merged together. The RGB Applelec LED Light Sheet allowed us to customise a ‘signature’ bar that synchronises the colours and illumination of the bar with the music and video systems, giving the room a glowing backdrop.”

Images credits: Jake Philip Davis and Keith Collie


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