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Applelec Projects helped realise the commanding, illuminated features as part of the renovated Monks Cross Shopping Park, York.

One of the UK’s prime regional shopping destinations Monks Cross recently underwent an extensive refurbishment to modernise and inject forward thinking design into the complex.

Standing like futuristic pillars at the shop entrances, the units have been further enhanced with the inclusion of SloanLED SignBOX III, which deliver powerful back-illumination. In backlighting the enormous pods, Applelec Projects factored in 272 SloanLED SignBOX III solutions, equating to roughly 4,978m of product. Specified in 6500K LED option, the crisp white light emanating from the backlighting solution complements the cool grey shade of the unit’s composite material.

As though glowing from within, light permeates through the punctured, circle detailing of the pods, emphasising the design, and delivering distinctive illuminated focal points.

Along with this, Applelec FlexLogic was integrated to deliver sophisticated canopy lighting along the whole length of retail soffits.

David Mullaney Head of Applelec Project said: ‘With Monks Cross being an external lighting scheme, SloanLED SignBOX III was perfect for backlighting this project due to the premium construction and IP66 rating of the LED solution, which delivers a highly reliable and robust lighting product. Along with their superior build, SloanLED systems also carry a 10-year warranty, helping to provide further assurance for our client on both quality and longevity for the installation.’


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